According to this picture, it is an act of unfair competition and, therefore, illegal. First of all, these settlement discussed until a year ago was part of a franchise of the popular brand Café&Té. But, currently, it be showed to the consumer with another trade name, counting with the same format as the design and the products offered in its interior.

The new name represents an indirect benefit to the establishment because it takes advantage of the know-how and gives us a trade name similar to the previous one and, therefore, benefits from the reputation, the prestige and the conception that the customers that have toward it. Stressing that if it is not part of the commercial franchise.  The owner obtains more revenues that are carried out through the establishment since not coping with the payment of royalties or royalties for belonging to the popular brand.

In addition, it represents an act of unfair competition due to this similarity, the brand produces confusion in the consumer which may be associated with the settlement within the franchises of Café&Té.